Heather Graves

Heather loves helping people relax and relieve stress, both of the body and mind.

Kate Shumway

Kate is grateful the universe has placed her as a massage therapist to enhance others’ quality of life.

Courtney Rollo

Courtney is a native Vermonter and has always felt a calling towards helping others heal holistically

Beth Thibault

Beth is a Vermont healer, clairvoyant and yogi of 30 years returning to us from California.

Udorn Robair

Udorn has completed two degrees in massage therapy, one in Thailand and the other in Vermont.

Serena Larkin-Moynan

Serena specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage, as well as Reiki and Bowenwork.

Sarah Rae Bessette

Sarah fell in love with massage therapy at her first internship fresh out of massage school.

Lisa Laramee

Lisa received her license in massage therapy in Colorado, mastering a multitude of massage techniques.

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