Yoga Instructor and Meditation

Meditation has been my touchstone for twenty years. It has helped me to understand myself and the world around me in ways I didn’t realize were possible. It helps me to live my life fully and with more freedom despite the stress and anxiety that is a natural part of life. It is a daily practice that keeps me connected to myself and continues to open me into deeper truths as I age and mature.

Energy work caught my attention many years ago and has stuck with me as something I just love to do. It is full of the magic that makes life feel bigger than it is. The power of the mind amazes me. Body awareness on a very deep energetic level and allowing the breath as a guide inspires me. It gives greater awareness and deep self acceptance needed to become aware of whatever it is you need to be more aware of.

The voice is another huge part of what has my attention. Not just singing but communication and creativity. The voice is powerful and it moves things. How we talk about ourselves, others, the world, how we communicate or don’t communicate determines everything. Chanting, singing, writing, art, anything creative and meaningful even just basic conversation I love. Talking to others about the complexities of life and the humor in it is one of my favorite things to do.

Yoga has also been in my life as long as meditation. Anything that brings deep awareness of the inner world has my attention. Healing, deep self-awareness and authentic connection that builds trust and security in relationships, self, the world is my gig. I think the systems of our body are simply amazing and when allowed they can function better than we expect.

I am trained in the Patanjali Yogic Philosophy of Meditation and Pranayama Breathing.

Our amazing, dedicated, and passionate team brings smiles, relaxation, and calm to so many people each and every week.

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