Yoga Instructor

Kat grew up surrounded by forest and field, which resulted in a deep connection to nature.

Kat was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised in Fairfax, Vermont.

One of her favorite past times is spending hours walking through the forest, and foraging wild medicinal plants while in the company of her Siberian husky. In high school she learned that her favorite singer Madonna studied yoga, and that is where Kat’s journey began at 14 years of age. She rented every book and VHS tape from the school library and fell in love with yoga and meditation, especially guided imagery techniques she still uses in every class she teaches.

Her favorite place to practice is in nature.

Primarily a self-taught Yogini of 20 years, Kat began teaching in 2013 and eventually made her way to Mystic Waters’ door. This place has opened many doors for her on her yogic journey, and she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Liberate School of Yoga in 2017.

Our amazing, dedicated, and passionate team brings smiles, relaxation, and calm to so many people each and every week.

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