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Life has brought me to Mystic Waters, and I am grateful to be a part of the tribe here.  In 2006, I received my certificate from the Massage School of Santa Monica in California.  Then for four years, I worked at a credible day spa at The Burbank Massage and Garden in Los Angeles, CA.  The owners of my previous spa were from Finland, so they incorporated a lot of their cultural techniques in massage at the spa.  My boss (as well as mentor), Jouni Passi, had been massaging for over 20 years, and acquired his practice in Finland.  Jouni was able to teach me a lot of his techniques in deep-tissue massage. Through my practice, I personalized my teachings, and was able to work on, revitalize, and support the vitality of a numerous amount of cliental, as well as friends and family. 

In 2009, I went to The Academy of Reflexology in Santa Monica, where I worked with amazing healers and reflexologists for over 150 hours of schooling.  Therefore, I am also a certified reflexologist, who is trained to focus on the reflex areas within the feet, hands, and ears.  Reflexology, has allowed me to see how focusing on the body’s reflexes, through performing an intricate touch; can allow my client to achieve the impossible with their physical and mental health. 

In closing, I would like to elaborate around my philosophy, that massage is a powerful aspect to a person’s healing.  Also, I am grateful the universe has placed me within the role of massage therapist to enhance one’s quality of life, health, and well-being, because it is self-rewarding to know I can help someone feel whole again.   

Sending you all good healing vibes, and thank you.

Our amazing, dedicated, and passionate team brings smiles, relaxation, and calm to so many people each and every week.

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