Yoga Instructor/Clairvoyant

Beth Thibault has taught yoga for over 30 years.

She studied at the Montreal Iyengar Institute, the Esther Myers Studio in Toronto and with several internationally known yoga instructors. She opened a yoga studio in St. Albans and instructed at other locations for 15 years. Additionally, Beth created and taught the yoga program at The Tyler Place for 13 years.

After a profound Kundilini awakening in 2002, Beth moved to California for guidance and education. There she had the opportunity to teach yoga at Harbin Hot Springs Resort and Santa Cruz Senior’s Center. She spent a winter teaching yoga at a resort in Guatemala.

From early childhood Beth has also had the ability to “see.” During her time in California Beth heightened this ability by studying with masters of psychic ability and fine tuned her skills through Taoist, Tantric and Yoga practices. She is now a recognized alternative medicine professional in California with a global clientele.

Returning to Vermont this summer after 16 years away, Beth is excited to bring her experience, clairvoyant gift, healing abilities and joy of yoga to Mystic Waters.

Our amazing, dedicated, and passionate team brings smiles, relaxation, and calm to so many people each and every week.

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