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Alignment Takes You Deeper w/ Beth Thibault!

An 8 Week Series Wednesdays 9/4 – 10/23 From 5:30 – 7:00 PM Call 802-524-5300 to Register Today!

Each class will be created to go deeper into a well-known yoga pose. We will slow it all down so that you will be able to move into the pose through better alignment and with sustained focus and breath. You will be fine tuning your existing practice by finding the appropriate alignment and muscle recruitment to maximize the benefits of each asana. You can easily bring this knowledge to any style of yoga that you might practice. ~Beth

Beth Thibault has taught yoga for over 30 years. She studied at the Montreal Iyengar Institute, the Esther Myers Studio in Toronto and with several internationally known yoga instructors. She opened a yoga studio in St. Albans and instructed at other locations for 15 years. In addition she created and taught the yoga program at The Tyler Place for 13 years. After a profound Kundilini awakening in 2002 Beth moved to California for guidance and education. There she had the opportunity to teach yoga at Harbin Hot Springs Resort and Santa Cruz Senior’s Center. She spent a winter teaching yoga at a resort in Guatemala. Returning to Vermont this summer after 16 years away Beth is excited to bring her experience and joy of yoga to Mystic Waters.


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Wednesdays, Sept. 4th – Oct. 23rd | 6:30-8 pm


Julie Charland Intuitive Healer, from the Isis Center for Transformation, will be facilitating deep inner transformation using sound healing, aromatherapy, and crystals as she channels high vibrational healing energies that can transform you! You will enter a deep state of relaxation while she guides you in meditation and a healing session.


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$30 with a donation of canned good for the food shelf

Monday, Sept. 23 | 6:30-8 pm

Yoga Masters Class

With Beth Thibault: For Yoga Teachers, Aspiring Teachers & Seasoned Practitioners

Saturday 10/5 | 10:30 – 1:30 | PM Call 802-524-5300 to Register Today!

The Sanctuary is a place of acceptance, transformation, and healing. Find inner peace, enlightenment, and connection through holistic experiences and educational programs for the whole community.

$12 per class


Private Individual & Group Sessions Available!

Call: 802-524-5300

$60 6 classes



Vinyasa is a style of Yoga characterized by linking breath and movement together to create a flowing sequence of asanas with a fluid transition. Classes will vary in style, pace and intensity between teacher but you can expect to link breath with a flow of movement in any Vinyasa class.

Midweek De-Stress

This class is a combination of Mindfulness, Gentle Vinyasa and Restorative.

Restorative Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra ~ In these times where stress tends to rule we have an ancient tool for deep, restorative relaxation; Yoga Nidra. If you are familiar with Savasana, the lying down rest pose at the end of your yoga class, you will find that Yoga Nidra is simply a deeper practice. Through a guided process you will drop into a relaxed place that is neither awake nor asleep. Here the conditions for deep healing are created. The nervous system can take a break and the immune system is strengthened. Many people see benefits from their first session. After the series you will be able to guide yourself into this deeply restful state.

Chair Yoga

Chair or seated yoga is for anyone who wants the benefits of a yoga practice but is unable or hesitant to be on the floor or is recovering from injury. It is one level that may be modified.

Mystic Warrior

A powerful Vinyasa Flow Yoga class filled with strong postures or asanas designed to strengthen and balance.


Release physical & mental stress in the comfort of supported yoga postures. A wide range of yoga props as well as breath & guided relaxation are used to contribute to a deep state of rest. Poses are held a little longer with the intent on healing. This practice is beneficial to everyone, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, tension & pain.

Sivananda Hatha

A traditional Hatha class that weaves pranayama breathing, relaxation, meditation and Asanas (steady pose postures) into a rejuvenating and athletic flow.


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