We’ve grown a lot since our first day open in 2007.

Honestly, it’s been a dream. We’ve been blessed to have amazing staff and incredible customers like yourself, and where we are today. . . that wouldn’t have been possible without your love, help, and support.

The blessings and growth continue.

That’s why we’re happy to unveil our brand new website. In many ways, it’s like the former website: simple, straightforward, and easily navigated.

However, there are big changes:

Find class schedules

Our most anticipated feature is our simplified class listing page. Our Sanctuary is the home of regular health and fitness classes. With our new website, you’ll be able to find freshly updated class times and types, as well as the instructor teaching them.

View classes


Buy gifts online

More gift options! We’ve expanded our offerings and will continue to do so, all the while adhering to our commitment to personal, individualized service.

You can also now buy class punch cards online for yourself or as a gift. How nice is that?

View gifts


Learn, live, love.

We have big plans for our blog. Helping our friends, neighbors, and customers learn more about living a healthy and happy life is a huge part of what we strive to do here.

This post marks the first of many!

One last word

It’s a bit cliche, but we really couldn’t have done this without you.

The kind words, love, and support throughout the years has left us speechless many a time: You all have blessed us so much and we’re happy to give back in any way we can.

You’re more than a customer. You’re part of our family.


Brandie & Danny
Owners, Mystic Waters Day Spa